beef cuts


Side of beef (1000)


Skirt steak (1009)


Chateaubriand (1124)


Filet-Steaks (1125)


Tournedos (1126)


T-Bone-Steaks (1132)


Club-Steaks (1133)


Rib-Steaks (1134)


Cap of forerib (1140)


Top bit and rump (1200)


Cap of rump (1210)


Eye of round (1212)


Tail of rump (1213)


Centre cut rump (1214)


Rump with tail (1215)


Topside with cap (1216)


Thick flank (1218)


Silverside heel (1220)


Boned shank (1222)


Topside trimmed (1230)


Topside trimmed (1231)


Cap of topside (1232)


Steak cut rump (1240)


Rump-fillet (1241)


Flank with skirt (1300)


Boned plate (1312)


Boned shoulder (1401)


Boned chuck (1402)


Shoulder clod (1411)


Chuck tenderloin (1414)


Shoulder blade (1415)


Tail (1501)


Thick skirt (1503)


Backbone muscle (1505)


Mouth (1507)


Lungs (1508)


Heart (1509)


Liver (1510)


Kidneys (1511)


Spleen (1512)


Tripe, cleaned (1514)


by-products (1998)


offal (1999)
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