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Breast (5010)


Escalopes (5011)


Steak (5012)


Turkey wing (5022)


Grill wing (5023)


Meat of leg (5030)


Escalopes of leg (5031)


Liver (5050)


Stomach (5051)


Heart (5052)


Collar (5053)


by-products (5998)


offal (5999)
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How the navigation works:

Here you find a graphic of the animal carcass.  If you move the mouse over to the name of the cut piece in the list on the right, the piece will be displayed in the animal carcass graphic.

Make your choice by clicking on the cut piece you want. This will open the page with the detailed view of the chosen meat cut.

If a Flash-Player is not installed on your PC, the graphic will not be displayed. In this case you can go directly to the detailed view of the meat cuts.

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Meat cuts overview

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