Beef identification system of Agrarmarkt Austria Marketing GesmbH


Bildleiste Qualitätsicherungsprogramme

What is covered by Regulation (EU) No. 1760/2000?

Fresh, cooled and frozen beef, kidney cones, Saumfleisch, minced beef as well as mixed minced meat with over 50% beef.

What is not covered ?

Processed products, beef prepared in gastronomy and communal canteens, mixed minced meat (< 50% beef) as well as beef offal, salted meat or pickled meat, seasoned meat, neck, sausage (processed products). 

BOS System 

Responding to the BSE crisis, the Council of the European Commission passed Council Regulation (EU) No. 1760/2000 on the identification of cattle and beef as a confidence-building measure. In accordance with this regulation, AMA Marketing GesmbH. has developed a system that conforms with the EU regulation in cooperation with the Austrian Economic Chamber. The "bos" identification system, approved by the competent authority, is a service offered to the entire meat producing sector. The "bos" system offers each participant the opportunity to provide, in the form of approved "label information", more detailed information on the origin or certain characteristics of the animal or meat concerned.


Excercising Due Diligence when Receiving Products

The products delivered must be compared with the delivery note, since the recipient is responsible for its accuracy.

Self Inspections

The licensee is bound by standard operating procedures (including documentation) to check the compliance of the specification. The execution of individual production steps and their documentation are to be determined in such a way that operational procedures can be duly carried out and are traceable. Management is obligated to regularly check and ensure that the production steps are carried out. The contracting of an inspection service approved by AMA-Marketing for labelling at slaughter plants represents a special kind of self inspection.


Documenting The Flow of Goods

Licensees handling various production steps (such as slaughtering, processing, etc.) are obligated to document the internal flow of goods in a way that can be traced, since delivery notes usually do not exist within internal departments.

External Inspections  

Mandatory external inspections according to Regulation (EU) No. 1760/2000 are contracted by AMA-Marketing GesmbH. The inspection authority’s operations are to be permitted and supported at any time.