Organic meat from Austria


Austrian organic farmers are leading the way

At present, approximately 20,000 Austrian farmers rely on biodynamic production methods. This is approximately 10% of all Austrian farmers, and this figure represents a very high level in comparison with other countries. The majority of the "organic farms" is located in mountainous regions and is almost exclusively dedicated to animal breeding. Therefore, the production of organic beef (e.g. beef from dam-raised young cattle) plays an important role.

The "AMA Bio-Label"

The "AMA Bio-Label" is an internationally recognized label for organic products and complies with the applicable EU regulations. The underlying basic requirements are strictly regulated by EU Regulation 834/2007, Chapter A8 of the Austrian Food Processing and Distribution Code, as well as by additional testing regulations. Extensive compulsory inspections of each producer's facilities are performed at least once a year by an officially licensed organic monitoring agency.

The production of organic meat is also subject to the following additional requirements:

    • A transition period of two years from conventional to biodynamic farming is prescribed for agricultural undertakings.

    • The fodder must consist mainly of farm produced feed, without the use of chemical/synthetic fertilizers, pesticides and storage additives.
    • The animals must be kept outdoors at least 180 days per year. Minimum stable space per animal, daylight and a certain quantity of straw are also guaranteed.