Meat cutting plants

Meat outlets





Core temperature of the large sections at the start of cutting must not exceed +7°C; max. surface temperature +4°C.


Measurement in the topside.

Hygiene/bacteriology - the total microbial count on entering the cutting plant must not exceed a maximum of 4.5 log (entero-bacteria 2.0 log); on leaving the value must not exceed 5.0 log (entero-bacteria 2.5 log).


Determination of total microbial count and entero-bacteria; bacteriological inspection.

Hygiene within the plant is increasingly monitored according to the Austrian Food Safety and Consumer Protection Law.


Testing according to check list - visual inspections, contact tests, temperature measurement, etc.

Temperatures - max. +12°C in cutting room, meat temperature must not exceed +7°C during cutting.


Measurements - spot checks during the cutting; inspection of the temperature recorders.


Batch cutting of AMA Quality Seal meat and normal products, and the identification and recording are carried out under the supervision of an external inspection authority, independent of the meat cutting plant, and is ensured by a certified merchandise information system.




Surfaces cleaned and disinfected: max. of 10 colony forming units (CFU) per cm2

Samples: samples are taken by independent sample testing organizations.


Cold storage equipment - the capacities must be adequate for the carcasses delivered and a sufficient number of temperature recorders must be available.



Enough docking positions must be available so that the cold chain is not interrupted - except when the sides or parts of carcasses are adequately packaged.




Meat maturation (beef) - in vacuum bag for at least 9 days after slaughter; this applies to sirloin and tenderloin cuts, all parts of the leg and round and to the chuck back rib and chuck tenderloin.


Checking the maturing period by records and identification.


Labelling according to the "bos" beef identification system - enclosure labels with AMA Quality Seal, article description, date of packaging and identification
number (batch No.).


Inspection and comparison of the quantity data from the cutting.


Records - cutting and output of AMA Quality Seal meat is entered continually (cutting record); AMA Quality Seal meat is indicated by "AMA" in front of the article number on the delivery note.

Comparison of the delivery notes of the slaughterhouse and meat
cutting plant with those of the purchasing company.





Transportation of cuts



Adequate cooling capacity to guarantee that room and surface temperature of meat will not exceed +4°C.

Regular documentation by temperature recorder.

Identification and recording of AMA Quality Seal products.

Checking the documentation.