Quality management




Austria - the meat specialist in the heart of Europe

Its central geographical location as well as its excellent road and rail infrastructure are important reasons why Austria has become one of the leading meat specialists in Europe. Even prior to regulation by the EU, strict laws on the transport of animals for slaughter in Austria ensured that animals were not transported over long distances. A sense of responsibility and geographical advantages help us to achieve our objectives in terms of quality and freshness. Only top quality, fresh Austrian meat is delivered quickly to the customer.

Austrian slaughterhouse and meat cutting plants - reliable partners

In addition to numerous small regional slaughterhouse and meat cutting plants, large meat processing plants have also been able to establish themselves in Austria. They live up to their international reputation as suppliers of high-quality meat on a daily basis.

The excellent technical qualification of their staff and meeting a great variety of individual customer requirements are essential factors for the success of Austrian slaughterhouses and meat cutting plants. They use the latest meat processing technologies and also stand out due to their optimal hygiene. All meat processing plants are subject to regular veterinary supervision.

All major Austrian slaughterhouses, meat cutting plants, cold storage facilities and meat processing plants comply with the strict standards for suppliers delivering products to other EU countries. Furthermore, Austrian companies can guarantee prompt delivery based on the fact that not a single strike has occurred in Austrian slaughterhouses and meat cutting plants in the past few decades. In addition, quality and reliability are also guaranteed by a high level of management skills - many of the companies are IFS certified.